Christian Living Small Group

First and third Monday of each month, 7.30pm - 9.00pm

The Meeting Place, Peasedown St John

Our small group meets on the first and third Monday of each month between 7.30pm and 9.00pm at the Meeting Place. The evening is based on discussion around a topic that is to do with Christian Living. The range of topics cover all aspects of Christian life including church, prayer, bible, worship and mission. We also look at topics that are relevant to Christians and non-Christians alike and how our perspective as Christians might be different to others. We’ll be discussing money, politics, charity, environment, media, ethics, parenting and many other things.

Our group is not a bible study group or in fact any other type of study group (although we do make reference to scripture). It is a discussion group: we listen to and learn from each other and everyone’s view is equally valid and welcome. Our group has a character that we believe reflects God’s model for relationship between individuals and actively promotes the following values:

• Friendliness
• Encouragement
• Openness
• Acceptance
• Tolerance
• Respect
• Inclusion

We aim to run the group according to the following principles:

• Accepting that others may be right and we may be wrong
• Accepting that learning from each other involves sharing of ourselves
• Accepting that everyone should have equal opportunity to participate

We aim to stay focussed on our topic and we give opportunity for everyone to participate. We try to make the discussions challenging and we hope that at the end of every meeting everyone will have offered their own perspective and considered others. One of our underpinning principles is accepting that we may be wrong and therefore we have to be prepared to change our minds. Living a Christian life does not mean having a fixed mindset or assuming that there are clear answers to every question. We are all journeying with each other to a better understanding of what Christian life looks like today.

We intend, as the name of the group indicates, to be a small group. It is not viable to have full and equal participation in a large group. Hence, it is worth qualifying ‘inclusion’ as one of our values. We wish to be inclusive within the parameters of our other values and principles. We have a maximum of eight people in the group, as our experience suggests that more than eight is a barrier to participation. We also ask that everyone reads, understands and agrees with the values and principles listed above.

If you would like to join please contact Ian Sims or Jim Midgley on 01761 470505.