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Every blessing Rev Michelle Ireland.


Minister's Monthly Musing


Dear Friends,

August has always been the traditional time for holidays. As a child I recall the week spent in either Perranporth or Carbis Bay in Cornwall. The journey seemed endless at times, especially as this was in the days before bypasses were thought of. It was the days of proper picnic baskets, and stopping in laybys to have your flask of tea.

Whether the roads are faster today or not, the journey can seem very long to an excited child longing to buy his or her new fluorescent bucket and spade, and to be the first to write their name on the sand each morning (yes we did use to get up and do that at 6am!)

As the journey proceeds the constant question is ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ and the continual answer ‘no!’ Eventually the questioning stops and a game of I-Spy begins as the car load of travellers take note of the beauty around.

On our journey of faith we may sometimes ask, ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ well I guess for most of us we have a long way to go. We are assured of the destination for those who believe. Yet for each one of us the earthly journey will be different . I wonder whether God is actually saying to us ‘Play a game of I-Spy, look at the beauty around. Yes keep heading towards the eternal destination, but don’t miss out on what I give you now!’

Whether you stay locally this August, maybe you don’t even venture out of your village, or if you travel many miles, play a game of I-Spy, and thank God for his glorious provision today.

God Bless
Rev Michelle Ireland

Racism and Discrimination

As a result of the referendum on 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. In this time of very significant change and uncertainty there is a need for leadership which seeks the common good and encourages people to work together, to respect one another and to uphold the dignity of all. The 2016 Annual Conference of the Methodist Church passed a resolution containing the following text:

The Methodist Conference believes that the British Isles are enriched by diversity and celebrates the contribution made by those who have come from other parts of the world. The Christian tradition calls for respect, tolerance, love of neighbour and hospitality to the stranger. All bear the responsibility of speaking and acting for healing, reconciliation, and mutual respect. The Methodist Conference abhors and deeply regrets those actions and words which incite hatred and lead to the victimisation of groups within society and notes with concern that such actions and words have been normalised in recent public discourse. Believing that racism is a denial of the gospel and that to stay silent when others are abused is to collude with those who seek to promote hatred and division, the Methodist Conference calls:

  • on the Methodist people to challenge racism and discrimination.
  • for a political debate which neither demonises any nor leaves the vulnerable (the foreigner, the immigrant and refugee) in danger of victimisation.
  • on political leaders to work together for the good of the whole community putting the needs of the nation before party politics.
  • on all those in positions of power and authority to hear the voices of those who have been marginalised and alienated and to respond to them in ways which offer real hope for the future.

This statement is also shared on the Methodist Church website www.methodist.org.uk/nationallife where it can be turned into an email which will be automatically sent to your local Member of Parliament. The Conference also encourages the Methodist people to send this letter to their MP.

Car Treasure Hunt

On Sunday 3rd July Peasedown Methodists took part in the annual car treasure hunt. On a route starting from Peasedown and finishing at a mystery destination, participants were required to answer 50 observational questions and identify a number of signpost pictures which had most of the information blanked out. The photo below is of the winning team, sat with the owner of Meadgate Farm Shop (the mystery destination), who stayed open late to allow us to purchase well earned refreshments.